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Anti blue mobile phone film purchase five elements

1, blue light protection value
Regular and effective products, the blue light protection rate is greater than the 99.9%UV protection, so that it can effectively filter and drive the screen to scatter high energy blue light, reducing the eyes a long time to look at the screen fatigue.
2, thickness
Anti blue film is not thicker, the better. General formal professional manufacturers such as AP brand polarizing anti blue film, 99% in the premise of protection do light, but also can do 0.1mm film thickness, and the ordinary mobile phone protection film line.
3, material
Note whether the product details describe the HD ultra high definition technology, preferably the optical grade PET material, with a light transmittance of over 90%.
4, visual distortion
This is often overlooked, anti blue film polarizing professional manufacturers produced, can reduce the color and color distortion, after bonding without the need to adjust the brightness of the screen
5, others
The surface resists scraping and hard treatment, and scratches are not easy to occur. High tech surface nano coating has good oil absorption function, fingerprints and oil stains can be wiped clean and easy to install.

Anti blue mobile phone film distinguishing method

The most direct way to identify anti blue cell phone films is to test them directly with blue light on the spot. Because the Blu ray film can filter effectively and block the blue light from the background light of the mobile phone.
The production of anti blue cell phone film has strict standard of implementation, and it needs to be certified by authority. Therefore, when choosing the anti blue film, be sure to check whether it has a blue light effect monitoring by the third party mechanism.

Is the anti blue cell phone useful?

1, prevent Blu ray: prevent 380um to 420um high-energy short wave blue light damage to the eye, and reduce the blue light on the skin melanin’s role in the promotion;
2, anti pathogenic bacteria: the use of silver nano coating, sterilization rate of 99%, effectively protect the health and safety of users;
3, anti shock: hardness of 3H, can effectively prevent accidental drops, collisions, and rolling when the screen caused damage to the phone;
4, anti scratch: protect the phone or tablet PC screen is not scratched, leaving traces;
5, high light transmission: after the film, the screen is still bright and clear;
6: Yi Qingxi: gently wiping the screen is like changing the screen;
7, no bubbles, easy to paste.

Is cell phone sticker expensive?

Mobile phone booth can be seen everywhere, a wide variety, the price is uneven, from a few dollars to hundreds of, of course, the protection of mobile phones is also different. Therefore, the price of mobile phone foil generally depends on the quality and adhesion of people’s manual technology. If you want to know more about the price of mobile phone foil, you can see the specific mobile phone membrane products recommended and mobile membrane ten brands.

Mobile phone protection film to buy skills, mobile phone sticker expensive?

How to buy high-quality protective film? Buy and buy nets Xiaobian sum up for a few major factors:
Scratch resistance:
Cell phone film is used to protect the screen, so its degree of wear must be high. Especially for some handwriting input of mobile phones, the degree of wear resistance is more important. In general, the higher the degree of wear of the mobile phone film, smooth degree is higher, users generally do not have professional test tool, we can be attached to the mobile phone screen with the thumb nail pulled back and forth 10 to 20 times a row, if there is no scratches, the hardness is 3H, so as to ensure the effect of hand scratch film machine. Of course, for this point, like many wholesalers, distributors in the purchase of mobile phone protection film, will pay great attention to this point.
Low transmittance of mobile phone film will hurt your eyes, under normal circumstances, the screen itself is very low illumination, and affixed with a layer of film will increase eye fatigue. High quality mobile phone film transmittance of about 95%, while inferior in less than 80%. When you pick up the protective film, look at the light to see if there are impurities, hazy feeling, accurate, said the film should be as transparent as glass, so you will not affect the use of mobile phones when the visual effects.

What happens if there is air bubbles in the mobile phone film?

First, get the first film not to put, put dust on the mobile phone clean, and then come up with mobile phone film tools (or by telephone card / membership card), to prepare some of the more dilute detergent (in water and add a little detergent) for the purpose of it is to lubrication conditions you buy a special cleaning kit (special cleaning agent, a brush and a cleaning cloth), then there is a napkin, the best is the kind of a cotton cloth glasses.
Two check that there are no bubbles, and some scratch it. After scraping, you can see that the film is close to your cell phone. The same way, you can wrap the entire phone. First on the surface of a few drops of detergent water, and then put the mask gently cover in those water, then the water is water massage to mobile phone and film (if you only water it will find it very difficult to knead move), after the completion of the film rubbing to the correct location (this the process of water do not be too much, otherwise easily rubbed into the mobile phone keys to you)
Three, the next step is the key, we put the mobile phone film tools used, from the middle of the film began to put the water scraping out, we should pay attention to when the wiper of the water will blow out from the membrane, then scraped with napkins to absorb water, is afraid of the water into the key, this time you can put some inside bubbles easily scratched, repeated after a period of time the water must be you scrape about, then
Four, in the end, as long as the water between the membrane and the mobile phone is volatile, OK, and after you see the effect of the front, you will laugh very happy.
Even if the novice has just been engaged in mobile phone, capsule technology is not skilled, you can also wrap the film without a bit of bubbles.

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